Touch Activated Play System

What is TAPS?
The Touch Activated Play System is a game based on light and sound. TAPS 
challenges players to touch as many TAP lights of their color as they can as these interactive spots randomly light up.  
Why choose TAPS?
TAPS games offer a great workout and are suitable for kids, teenagers and adults. TAPS test players’ hand-eye coordination, endurance and teamwork skills and is sure to be a real hit at any party, corporate team building or event. 
What comes with TAPS?
TAPS includes 10 TAP lights (depending on the unit you rent, additional lights may be added for an extra charge to certain units), 1 wireless scoreboard and 1 wireless speaker. 
How do you play TAPS?
Start the game by pressing the START pad for 3 seconds. Touch each of the light-up hand pads (TAP lights) in your own color on the walls and music will play. Touch 1 get 1 Point. The wireless electronic scoreboard will keep score and announce the winner at the end of the game; the player or team with the highest score wins! 
What games can I play with TAPS?
TAPS offers 4 game modes. Depending which unit you rent the game options will vary. When renting a TAPS inflatable you are given the option of which game you would like to play. Games vary by inflatable, see below to find out which game options are available for each inflatable.  
Red vs Blue Battle
Red and blue players race to hit as many of their lights as possible. Try to keep up as the game speeds up. Don’t be fooled by the yellow lights, they won’t score you any points.The player with the most points wins!  
Available on: UFO Encounter, Western Shoot Out, Space Command and High Voltage Extreme Arena.
Obstacle Course
Will you accept the challenge? Players are assigned to either the red or blue team. The team or player to find and hit 5 TAP lights first wins! 
Available On: High Voltage Obstacle Warped Wall
Treasure Hunt
TAP lights represent hidden treasures. Players or teams need to find and hit all the random lights. Be fast, don’t let the others take your booty! 
Available On: High Voltage Obstacle Warped Wall 
Zone Game
In this fun challenge game red and blue players or teams race to hit as many of their colored TAP lights as possible. The team or player that hits the most lights wins! 
Available On: Space Command, High Voltage Extreme Arena
Is there a video I can watch to learn more about TAPS?
There sure is, click here to watch our TAPS video.