Tent Washing Service

Do you offer tent washing?
PartyTime Rentals offers professional tent washing service, we can repair your tents too. Our state of the art machinery is designed specifically for tent washing and is the only approved design on the market today. Hand Washing tent is very labor intensive and you just can't achieve the results our electronic washing process can. We often can take a C grade top back to an A condition!
Not only can we wash tent tops but we can wash your side walls, tarps, canopies, awnings and even your inflatables! 
What kind of results can I expect?
It depends on the age of the tent and how bad it starts. In general ropes will be white again, oxidation and mildew will be removed. Most stains will be removed or will noticeable fade. 
How much does it cost?
Call 845-226-2447 for pricing.