Linen Rentals

Do I need to wash the linens before I return them?
Under no circumstances are you to wash or dry your table linen rentals. We wash our linens with special detergent and different colors / fabrics are laundered differently.
What should I do with the linens when my event is over?
Once your event is over, simply remove the linens from your tables and shake off any loose food or debris (especially that pesky confetti!!). Place the used linens into the linen bag(s) you were provided with and return them in the bag(s). DO NOT PLACE INSIDE A PLASTIC BAG!
Linens must be free of debris (for example but not limited to: food, confetti, pins, zip ties, tape) or you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.
Will I be charged for stains?
Once the linens are returned they are promptly counted and inspected. Almost all common stains come out in the wash and our customers are very rarely charged for stained linens. 
However, other damage such as cigarette burns, rips, tears or candle wax are not repairable and the customer may be charged a replacement fee for that damaged linen. 
Also, a replacement fee for any linens that are not returned will be charged to the customer plus a 25% service fee. Count your linens carefully upon receiving them as well as upon returning them to avoid being charged for missing items.